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Day 385: Lilly's Independence Day

SUCCESS!! I was able to implement my escape last night, just as the enemy started bombing the surrounding area. The noise was deafening, but luckily my diversion hole worked perfectly and after the guard left for the night, I went back to the real hole I was digging and began my escape.

After Step 1 was completed, I moved on to Step 2 and severed the wire that allowed the big gate to unlock from the bottom. The next time one of the guards comes by, they won't be able to get in and it will be glorious!

Step 3 proceeded as planned and I was able to push aside the barrier near my poop bucket on the other side of the house, almost home free!

Step 4 wasn't so bad as this was probably my...100th escape. A little gnawing on the wood post and I was out of there.

Unfortunately, the bombing seemed to get louder and louder, so I had to find refuge at a nearby house, the owners none-the-wiser as to my true intentions. I planned to just get a little shut-eye and then I'd be gone by morning.

AMBUSHED! The local residents must have discovered who I was, as another female guard came by this morning and took me into custody. I was back in my cell before I knew it, holes covered and all.

This is not the end...the next plan is already in motion....

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